Why Your Cannabis Leaves are Turning Brown: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Your Cannabis Leaves are Turning Brown: A Comprehensive Guide

As a passionate cannabis consumer and author of a cannabis blog, it is important to understand why your cannabis leaves are turning brown. Brown leaves on your cannabis plant can signify a serious issue, and it is important to address it as soon as possible to save your plant.


When growing cannabis, brown leaves can indicate numerous issues, including under or overwatering, improper nutrients, pest infestations, or environmental factors such as high heat. In this article, we will go through each possible cause of brown leaves and provide you with the best solutions to restore your cannabis plant back to its healthy state.


One of the most common reasons for brown leaves on cannabis plants is underwatering. When plants do not receive adequate water, they will dry out and begin to wither. The leaves will start to yellow and then gradually turn brown. To prevent this issue, you should water your cannabis plants frequently and adjust watering schedules based on environmental factors.


Overwatering can lead to excess moisture in the soil, which can cause root rot and other issues, ultimately resulting in brown leaves. To avoid this issue, you should allow your soil to dry out between watering sessions and be mindful of the amount of water you give to your plant.

Improper Nutrients

If your cannabis plant is not receiving adequate nutrients, the leaves will start to yellow and eventually turn brown. To fix this issue, ensure that your plant is receiving the appropriate amount of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Pest Infestations

Another cause of brown leaves on cannabis plants is pest infestations such as spider mites, thrips, or aphids. These pests can damage and kill the leaves, leading to brown leaves. To prevent pest infestations, keep a routine check on your plants and use appropriate measures such as insecticidal soaps, natural predators, or organic pesticides to control the pests.

Environmental Factors

High heat, cold temperatures, or improper lighting can all cause brown leaves on cannabis plants. Make sure that your plant is receiving proper lighting, whether it be natural or artificial, and that the temperature is within the recommended range. If you are growing outdoors, it is essential to protect your plant from extreme weather conditions like frost and blazing heat.


Why are my cannabis leaves turning brown?

The leaves of cannabis plants can turn brown due to multiple reasons, including underwatering, overwatering, pest infestations, environmental stresses or nutrient deficiencies.

How can I prevent brown leaves on my cannabis plant?

You can take preventive measures by providing adequate water, appropriate nutrients, and preventing pest infestations. Also, make sure to keep a consistent, ideal temperature and lighting to avoid environmental stress on your plant.

What can I do to treat brown leaves on my cannabis plant?

Depending on the cause of the brown leaves on your cannabis plant, you can adjust watering schedules, increase or decrease nutrient density, prevent pest infestations, or fix environmental factors like lighting and heat.

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